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The Remembrance Page

For the horses we here at WORC have sadly lost.

Nutmeg 2002 to 2019

Many of you in the club know Nutmeg my 14.1hh Welsh D pony. Before I purchased her in 2012 she was owned by Lisel and Chloe Phillips who competed her successfully in every discipline in the club.

I had given up riding in 2010 after I broke my right leg when my previous horse fell on me. I had already broken my other leg in 2008 jumping so my family wanted me to stop. This lasted for all of 12 months when I decided to buy a 13hh, 3 year gelding to show in hand. My family were ok with that but, unfortunately for them, it made me realise that I missed riding so much. When Lisel said in October 2011 that Nutmeg was for sale and did I want her, I said yes.

                                                                             I had known Nutmeg for a number of years before buying her and knew her to be a completely safe pony. What surprised and delighted me was how talented she was. I learnt a lot from her – going from someone who could barely do a dressage test to winning WORC Prelim and Novice Restricted and Open cups in the next few years. But it did not stop there. She qualified for Lincoln (both with me and Chloe) and was very talented doing DTM. She knew the music inside out so even if we were slightly behind or ahead of the music she knew when to change paces so we were always in sync.

Because of my accidents we never jumped but both she and I enjoyed doing extreme pole work with Aaron Nobbs and she really lit up doing those exercises.

In the last few years I decided I wanted to do a lot more long rides so we started exploring new places and going out for 4-5 hours on some rides covering up to 18 miles at a time. In 2017 my friend and I decided to do a long distance ride from Great Barrington to Heyford along the Claude Duval Bridleway covering about 60 miles. It took us 4 days and we raised £1400 for New Yatt RDA.

We were also part of Team Quest which we did for 3 years and both enjoyed getting to the Regionals each time. Although Nutmeg enjoyed flatwork we had not competed much in the last couple of years as she hated the heat and did not perform well so most of our competitions were in Spring and Autumn.