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Mounted Skill at arms with Jenna Copley

Details of next years camp are still to be decided however if you have any ideas or suggestions please email the club.

Who can attend?

Any riding club member, you don't have to be a WORC member, but it costs £5 extra if you are not.

What horse does this suit?

Any horse, but to get the most out of a session, its recommended to swing a broom or similar whilst sat on your horse prior to attending. Adults on ponies have a distinct advantage, but a large hunter can still win if the rider is accurate!

What to expect if you attend a clinic?

The sessions generally involve a bit of "wooden" horse work (i.e. anything you can sit on that roughly resembles horse height).

This gives riders chance to practice holding the lance, so you get trained how to hold and maneuver the lance for the safety of your horse and others around you

Link to lance drill (on a bale of hay!) - with BTA's Major Puckey, who isn't acting, he is a living blackadder character!

Once the rider is happy we progress to mounted work, and work a lot in walk to get both horse and rider used to swinging the lance around... don't expect anything pointy to start off with as progression to a sharp tip lance is only once the instructor is happy with drill and one handed horse control.

Rings can be tried to get horses used to the equipment, our infamous "gallows", which tend to be a lot less scary than the name implies.

The main point is to have FUN, and this is ideal for any horse, its just a bit harder if you have a big horse and short legs!